Broken Dates

category: short play
genre: comedy
running time: ten minutes
setting: the social room of a college dorm
period: contemporary

Zane, a college boy
Andrew, his roommate
Deva, a college girl
Wyatt, Zane’s boyfriend
Yentob, a foreign exchange student

It’s spring formal night at a small liberal arts college and Andrew and Deva are both looking for their missing shoes. They cross and re-cross paths with Zane, Andrew’s roommate, and Wyatt, Zane’s boyfriend, camped out in the social room and fully intending to miss the dance. Zane seems to know something the others don’t know, and when Andrew and Deva both return with the news that their respective dates have bailed on them it’s only moments later that he reveals their shoes are hidden in each other’s rooms. Suddenly aware of the other’s availability, they end up going off to the dance together, much to the delight of Zane, who now has an empty dorm room all to himself, and his boyfriend, for the night.

author’s comments:
Considering how intense my college experience was, it’s kind of amazing that I don’t have more college themed plays, but this and Dead Frat Boys are really it, and as light entertainments go, this couldn’t be any more fluffy. Written in one night during my junior year when I was boycotting spring formal and alone in my room drinking a case of beer all by myself, the play has some cute moments and ties up nicely, so it’s perfect for a high school or college group looking to do something neat and tidy for class or whatever. I mean, there’s boys kissing boys and some cursing but you know, aside from that it’s pretty family oriented. There’s a happy ending and everything.

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